Best Strategies to bet in cricket

Considering the national characteristics of cricket, the sport is interesting for professional bettors. Here, the line moves not only due to certain factors, but also due to the fans. A huge audience of fans from Great Britain, Australia, India, Pakistan and other countries move the line by betting on their favorite team. Therefore, often the […]

Realtime Gaming Online Casino Software

Launched in 1998, Realtime Gaming Software has certainly proved itself as being one of the best in the online gaming field. They have stood the test of time, proved their worth and today sit up with the leaders in this field. To keep an edge to their software, Realtime Gaming has not only kept up […]

Playtech Online Casino Software

Whatever your favourite game is, Playtech Software will certainly have it. Here no game goes unnoticed, no game goes disregarded and no game goes without being noticed. If playing Casino games such as slot games, table/card games such as baccarat or Craps, table games such as roulette or other casino games such as fixed odds […]

Microgaming Online Casino Software

Microgaming Software was first launched in 1994, and since that date they have not only aimed at, but succeeded in keeping ahead of the gaming industry. Their research and development projects are truly unrivalled. Microgaming Software is adaptable and will run off .NET, C++, Adobe Flash and Android so no matter what you choice of […]

Cryptologic Online Casino Software

Cryptologic Software was launched in 1995 which gives them years of experience in this field, and with this experience they have formed and moulded an online gaming software that is so excellent that it stands, quite proudly, amongst the best that is available on the web today. Any online casino that is powered by Cryptologic […]

B3W Online Casino Software

The B3W Group was established in 1998 and since that time have grown to such an extent that they are considered one of the leading software companies that power numerous igaming sites locally and internationally. They are licensed and regulated by the highly reputed gaming jurisdiction of Malta, which means that all games are fair […]

Let it Ride

Let it Ride Poker is a very straight forward and quick game. Here the main aim is to get tens or better, and the normal poker values in cards are followed. Royal Flush : Jack, Queen and King in the same suit,Straight Flush : Three cards of the same suit in sequence.Three of a Kind : Three cards […]

Video Poker

Video Poker which has been on the Casino floors for many years has like most Casino games grown to great hights and can now also played at almost every Online Casino as well. Although Video Poker may seem as a pretty easy game to conquer, there are so many variations to the game. In each […]

Slots – Online or Off Line

People in general have a strange way of thinking – yes this is only my opinion, so please do not take it personally. No matter where they are and no matter what the situation, be it the local or even International game of Rugby, Cricket or even Basket Ball, when their team is down then […]


Roulette has been been around since the 17th Century and has been most popular among the European Countries. The Basic of a Roulette Wheel in European Roulette is that the wheel has 37 slots which represents 36 numbers and a single zero – the American Roulette wheel differs in the fact that it has 36 […]