Let it Ride

Let it Ride

Let it Ride Poker is a very straight forward and quick game. Here the main aim is to get tens or better, and the normal poker values in cards are followed.

Royal Flush : Jack, Queen and King in the same suit,
Straight Flush : Three cards of the same suit in sequence.
Three of a Kind : Three cards of equal rank.
Straight : Three cards in sequence of mixed suits.
Flush : Three cards of the same suit.
Pair : Two cards of equal rank.
High Card : The highest card in your hand.

One deck of cards of 52 cards is used and before any cards are dealt onto the table, three bets are placed on the demarcated areas that show 1, 2, and 3.

The dealer then deals out three cards to the player and two cards for him/herself all face down. Each player looks at the cards dealt to him/herself and will then decide if they want to pull back their first bet of if they want to let it ride.

The dealer will then reveal his first card, and the player will then make his second decision if he wants to pull back his second bet or if he wants to Let it Ride.

The dealer will then reveal the second card on the table and all hands are then placed, face down for the dealer to look at one at a time.

In any Let it Ride poker game, the general rule of thumb is that if you get a hand that is equivalent or higher than a Queen, a six or a four, then you Let it Ride, but if you hold anything less than that, unless it is a set of pairs or a straight flush, then you pull back on the first two bets. That way you will only lose one bet.

Let it Ride Poker is certainly designed for those players who enjoy playing one on one with the dealer or the banker, even though there will be other players at the table, and enjoy a game that is extremely fast and exciting.