Blackjack – the preferred game to millions of online gamers. This game has been around for decades and is one of the most popular games played today at online and land based casinos internationally.

Blackjack or 21 as it is also know, is a very straight forward game with very few rules and regulations and hence is not open to interpretation. The main aim behind the game is to get the right amount of cards in one hand to equal 21 as then you are automatically the winner as you hold the Blackjack.

A full set of 52 cards are used in most games but there are games that actually use 2 packs of cards. The King, Queen, Jack are called “face cards” and all have the value of 10. Two to Ten represent the value of the card and the Ace card can either be taken as a 1 or a 10, the choice will be made depending on the other cards you hold in your hand.

Before cards are dealt the bets are placed on the table. The banker/dealer then deals out the cards. Two to the banker, one face up and one down, and another two cards to the player, both face up. If the value of the cards is lower than 21, another card (Hit) can be asked for or you can “Stand” if you feel that you are close enough to the converted number of 21. However, if you do take another card and it takes you over the limit of 21 – then you are “bust” and the banker/dealer automatically wins.

The banker/dealer will then look at the second card. If the value of this card is lower than 21, they can take another card, but if it is 17 or over, they have to stand.

The cards that are the closest to under 21 will be awarded with the bets placed as his winnings.

These are truly the basic principles of Blackjack and there are many more terms such as Double down, Split and Surrender and a few more options which can be used in play, but all games run on these very basic rules and just knowing them will give you enough ammunition to play your first game.