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Participation and Contact details for the New Century China Institute

The New Century China Institute is commencing its operation using a Wiki methodology to operate at a number of levels throughout the Project. This means that’s the majority of its researchers and writers will be volunteers and enthusiasts.

The Institute is however also a conduit for Professional Academics and other Professional Commentators looking to place material into the public domain.

For None Professionals, we offer participation at three levels of activity. We also recommend that people register on our forums by following the appropriate link on the side of this page.

Level 1 – Inception of Articles

This area is open to all members and can be viewed as an extension of our website forum. A Person with an idea for an Article, produces a Paper and posts it in the Institute Topic Sub Forum in Geopolitics. This is left open for a period while others add commentaries, secondary papers, observations etc.

Level 2 – Researchers

This is the first Step into true Voluntary Work. Some items and ideas will usually benefit from some further research and some referencing. This will help turn informal forum postings into a more traditional Academic Paper.

Level 3 Editing

The final stage and a much higher level of commitment will be taking all the Postings on a subject and subsequent Research and turning them into a consolidated Institute Paper for Publication on the main Website and promotion to the wider media. This could be a task undertaken singularly or collectively with a working group.

Professional Academics and Commentators should in the first Instance contact the Institute through the following email address


The New Century China Institute for Global Strategy is currently supported financially by Guangdong 2U (UK) Ltd and the Institute can also be contacted via their Offices with the details provided below